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Emily Stambaugh speaks on "Reinventing Shared Print" and provides update on UC Shared Print and WEST

The OCLC Collective Insight Series event, “Getting off the Island: Collaborating to Create Boundless Collections,” was held at Loyola Marymount University on October 15, 2013. The interactive program explored current and future opportunities to share print and electronic collections across libraries and library types, at network-scale.

Emily Stambaugh, the Shared Print Manager at the California Digital Library and Program Manager of the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST), gave a presentation on “Curating Collective Collections: Reinventing Shared Print,” and was part of a panel discussion where she provided program updates on the University of California (UC) Shared Print and WEST.

To view Emily’s presentation on reinventing shared print, please click here.

For the panel discussion that includes Emily’s UC Shared Print and WEST program updates, please click here.

For more information on the event and to view the agenda and other presentations, please click here.