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CDL Past and Future: 2012-2013 Annual Report and 2013-2014 Strategic Initiatives

Hot off the press are two publications from CDL: the CDL 2012-2013 Annual Report and CDL’s 2013-2014 Strategic Themes.

Read a report from CDL’s Executive Director Laine Farley in the annual report: learn about some of our accomplishments during the past year; discover more about CDL colleagues through staff profiles; find out where CDL’s funds are expended; and more.

And as we enter 2013-2014, CDL looks forward to refocusing our lens on four high level strategic themes: Explore Advocate, Build, and Connect.  The research life cycle continues as an organizing principle for CDL, but we now shift focus to researchers themselves, putting “scholars at the center” to better understand their individual environments and intersections with library services. Much of CDL’s work will focus on a research agenda whereby we seek to better understand the needs of researchers and our campus library partners.

Reflecting back and forward at one time provides an opportunity to see not only what we’ve achieved, but also all that still needs accomplishing.  We are energetically engaged in the future!