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DataUp Service Update: July – September 2013




Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • DataUp received the NDSA Innovation Award on July 24th at a ceremony during the 2013 Digital Preservation Conference. CDL’s Stephen Abrams accepted the award on the team’s behalf.
  • The DataUp project team met with partners to plan for the next phase of DataUp, which will be funded by the National Science Foundation. The funds are a supplemental grant to the DataONE project ( and will be used to ensure repositories connected to DataONE infrastructure can use DataUp to help their researchers manage and archive their tabular data. Partners on DataUp Version 2 are DataONE, Microsoft Research Connections (, and the San Diego Supercomputing Center (
  • The DataUp project team is moving forward with plans for the next phase of DataUp. The CDL received funds from the National Science Foundation (via the DataONE project). Partners on DataUp Version 2 are DataONE, Microsoft Research Connections (, and the San Diego Supercomputing Center (
  • We are pleased to announce that Susan Borda, Digital Curation Librarian from UC Merced Library, will be managing the DataUp Version 2 project. We look forward to working closely with Susan to ensure DataUp’s continued improvement.
  • DataUp Version 2 Project Manager Susan Borda will be attending the DataONE All-Hands Meeting in October to demo the new tool and collect feedback from members of the DataONE organization.

DataUp Service Description

The DataUp add-in and web application help researchers organize, manage, archive, and share their tabular data. The major functionality of both tools is to guide researchers through the following:

  • Carry out a best practices check to determine if there are issues present that might make use or interpretation of the data difficult
  • Create metadata in standardized EML (Ecological Metadata Language) format
  • Describe the attributes (i.e. columns) of the dataset in standard EML format
  • Obtain a unique identifier for the dataset
  • Generate a data citation
  • Post the data and associated metadata to a data repository

DataUp Service Manager

Carly Strasser or

DataUp Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

The most current DataUp information is on the website ( This includes frequently asked questions and instructions on accessing and using DataUp. Other relevant sites include the code site ( and the web application site (