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The Richness of the UC Libraries Revealed in Reprints

The UC Libraries are happy to announce the re-launch of the University of California Library Reprints website! Through our partnerships with the Internet Archive and Google, the UC Libraries have digitized hundreds of thousands of public domain books from our collections. Many of these books are now available for purchase in reprinted editions, or to download for free. For example:


The Blue and Gold Handbook of the University of California (1886)

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This copy of the UC handbook was published in 1886, and intended for students and alumni.  The most charming part of this handbook is the sensational history of the institution of the University of California, from its inception in the 1840’s, to the year 1886.  This history contains little known details that you won’t find on Wikipedia, and is rife with rabble rousing, and ax wielding mad men.  The pictures feature the first permanent campus of the UC in Berkeley, however, the first buildings were located in Oakland.  They even considered merging with the San Jose State University!


The reprints service offerings include other great titles from a wide range of UC collections:

  • children’s books,
  • Italian comedies,
  • rare business and economics texts,
  • vintage cookbooks,
  • mathematics texts,
  • foreign language books, and
  • surprises from rare books collections at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Bancroft Library!

Find out more on the UC Library Reprints website,