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Changes to WEST Program Management

We are pleased to announce some changes in the WEST (Western Regional Storage Trust) program management as WEST enters into its next 3-year phase (Phase 2). Beginning in October 2013, Emily Stambaugh, CDL Shared Print Manager, will serve as WEST’s Program Manager and Lizanne Payne, former WEST Program Manager, will now serve as Planning and Systems Consultant.

We are very confident that this change will ensure continuity and stability for WEST. As Program Manager for WEST, Emily will focus intensively on WEST as it shifts from start-up to sustainability. She will assume primary responsibility for strategic planning and assessment, business and collections model reviews, collection development and member participation. She will coordinate WEST’s governance committees and administer WEST’s financial obligations, communications and member relations. While Emily will continue to coordinate the UC Shared Print program, she will be spending substantially more time on WEST. This change will have no effect on the existing UC shared print agreements or the structure of UC shared print coordinating committees and operations teams.

We are also glad to have Danielle Watters Westbrook on board at CDL to provide additional analytical support to UC Shared Print and WEST. As previously announced, she joined CDL as UC’s Shared Print Collections Analyst and WEST Collections Analyst in July and brings substantial experience in collections, serials management, analysis, database development and communications in large academic libraries.

Lizanne Payne will continue to work with WEST in a consulting capacity on strategic planning and systems development for WEST and continue to participate on WEST governance committees. WEST has been very fortunate to have Lizanne during WEST’s early planning and startup phases, and we are pleased she will continue with WEST for the next few years.

As always, Emily, Lizanne and Danielle can be reached by email at,, and