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Introducing the Open Access Policy Implementation (OAPI) project

On July 24, 2013, the Academic Senate of the University of California passed an Open Access Policy, ensuring that future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of UC will be made available to the public at no charge. The Open Access Policy Implementation (OAPI) project is a partnership between the California Digital Library and UC campuses to build tools and services that will support faculty participation in the UC Open Access Policy, including:

  • An enhanced and streamlined workflow for depositing articles into UC’s eScholarship open access repository
  • Automated publication harvesting and notification system for UC authors, to reduce the need for manual deposit
  • Support for the generation of embargo, waiver, and addendum forms, at the author’s request

Learn more:  OAPI project wiki

The OAPI project wiki is a public space that allows you to track implementation planning activities, timelines, and deliverables. The wiki reflects the current status of the project and will continue to be updated as it evolves. Visit the wiki to get an overview of this complex project:

Or explore specific project components:

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Discussion forum

We also welcome you to join our Discussion Forum, to view and contribute to more in-depth conversations about the OAPI project.