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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update — July 2013

The significant record distributions for July include the following for journals: Open Access (307 titles), Wiley-Blackwell (45 titles), and JSTOR (33 titles). We had one new monographs package, MIT Press, for which 468 records were sent out. These titles are provided via the IEEE platform and cover a wide range of subject areas. The remaining significant monograph distributions were for Springer (353 titles), Wiley (227 titles), SuperStar (137 titles), CRC Press (95 titles), Knovel (90 titles), CalDocs (73 titles), Harvard University Press (71 titles), and IEEE (60 titles).

Cumulative cataloging totals for the second quarter of 2013 are posted at During this last quarter, SCP staff added new links for 8,400 journals, 2 databases, and 6,222 monographs. Also posted are the annual cumulative totals for each package, For the fiscal year, the net increases in links provided were 10,598 for journals, 15 for databases, and 59,552 for monographs.

SCP is in the process of cleaning up its various email lists. The scope and use of each list, SCP-L, SCPSTEERING-L, SCPSYS-L, and SCPCAT-L, has been review and clarified. SCPCAT-L will be retired since we determined it was no longer needed. SCP-L will remain SCP’s public email list, open to all who wish to receive information about SCP such as these monthly updates, copies of SCP’s annual report, the minutes of the SCP Advisory Committee, and similar reports and notices. SCPSTEERING-L and SCPSYS-L will be closed lists. We hope to rename SCPSTEERING-L as SCPAC-L to reflect the current name of the Advisory Committee and this list will be used by the SCP AC to conduct its business. SCPSYS-L will be used for communications between SCP staff and select campus staff regarding systems-related issues. Over the next month or two, current subscribers of each of these lists will get notices outlining their subscription status. Please bear with us as we make the necessary updates.

Until next month …

By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services