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Welcome to the new UC libraries website

By Ginny Steel, University Librarian, UCSC & Council of University Librarians Chair

I am delighted to announce the redesigned UC Libraries website. The website is the primary communication vehicle for the UC libraries’ systemwide initiatives and collaborative activities and is intended to be used by both internal and external audiences. The redesign process, started over a year ago, updates the site’s design, streamlines the navigation, and enriches the content. Our goal was to improve the information provided to audiences unfamiliar with how the ten campus libraries and CDL work together as a system and to enhance navigation to information about the systemwide groups whose material makes up the bulk of the website’s content.  At the same time, we wanted to make it easier for systemwide groups and other library staff to keep track of new developments and find documents and reports.
The new features you’ll find on the site include:

  • New and refreshed visual design and layout
  • Streamlined site-wide navigation and group architecture
  • New search feature
  • A “Latest Updates” listserv for UC libraries’ announcements and new website content updates.

The revised site is powered by a new content management system (CMS), which should help maintain the continuity of the site and streamline the update process for contributors.

I want to extend my appreciation to everyone involved in the redesign effort. Much gratitude goes to the chairs and members of the operations and planning groups who took time out of their busy schedules to review files, evaluate the design, and contribute ideas. Thanks as well to the small group of stakeholders who helped to guide, champion, and weigh in on decision-making as the project progressed.

  • Felicia Poe (CDL)
  • Diane Bisom (former SOPAG chair)
  • Elizabeth Cowell (current SOPAG chair)
  • Laine Farley (CDL)

Extra thanks, kudos, and credit go to the hard-working User Experience Design Services team at the CDL. The talented crew worked countless hours to bring the new site to fruition, and they brought an impressive level of expertise and thought to this project.

  • Project Manager and UX Lead: Rachael Hu
  • Web Production Manager and Technical Lead: Eric Satzman
  • Senior UX Analyst: Jane Lee
  • Web Producers: Craig Thompson and Robin Davis-White
  • Web Production Contributor: David Chan
  • Technical Lead and Development: Brian Tingle and Mark Redar
  • Project Consultant: Joanne Miller

I hope you’ll all take a few minutes to explore the new site to see how it’s organized and how it can be useful to you.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the website’s administration team through