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Merritt Service Update: November – December 2012


Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • We have made significant changes to Merritt’s Inventory micro-service architecture, which supports indexing of metadata records for search, browse, and display. The process involved transitioning from 4Store (an RDF-based database) to MySQL. This has greatly improved searching and browsing response time.
  • We have improved support for very large objects (greater than 4GB) in Merritt. We discovered a few bottlenecks that impeded submission of large objects, and have eliminated those bottlenecks. We also added support for downloading very large objects. Since processing the request and downloading large objects can take several minutes, we now process the request and notify the end user via email when it’s ready to be downloaded.
  • We added support for Datacite XML metadata in Merritt. Clients who use DOIs for their Merritt content can now supply Datacite XML, instead of ERC or Dublin Core XML. Merritt will process it and pass it along to EZID to register with Datacite. We’re working on documenting this feature, but please contact us with any questions.
  • Over 4,800 Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) from 8 UC campuses have been submitted to Merritt. Of those, over 2,000 from 5 campuses are published in eScholarship.
  • We hosted two 2-day workshops Nov 8-9 in Oakland and Nov 13-14 in Irvine. The workshops introduced library staff to basic data curation concepts, presented the challenges and solutions involved in delivering data curation services, provided information about UC3’s tools and services, and shared campus solutions and approaches to data curation services. 100 participants attended the workshops.

Merritt Service Description

Merritt is a production level service that provides the UC community with an easy to use tool to manage, archive, and share their content. Content can be deposited and managed via a user-interface or an API.

Merritt Service Managers

Perry Willett and Adrian Turner or

Merritt Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

More information about Merritt is available at or by sending an inquiry to

Service Monitoring and Availability

Check the Merritt system status page at