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Next-Generation Technical Services Update: October 2012

In September, the NGTS Management Team proposed a slate of 2012-13 projects focused on implementing, further developing, and assessing various models of UC Libraries’ shared technical services operations to the Council of University Librarians ( The Council of University Librarians (CoUL) has discussed and responded to the proposal. The Management Team is currently reviewing next steps and developing details on proposed items approved by CoUL.

POT 1 Build the system-wide infrastructure for digital collections

POT 1 has created an inventory of current Digital Assets Management Systems (DAMS) with discovery and display technologies utilized on the campuses. The inventory is one step in identifying potential models for a systemwide DAMS and determining if there is an existing product that meets the requirements. POT 1 delivered a gap analysis of the Merritt system to the Management Team conducted by Lightning Team (LT) 1B. The LT1B report ( concludes that Merritt would be an effective preservation repository for a UC Libraries systemwide DAMS. While many campuses utilize Merritt for ETDS, few currently use the service to manage or preserve other digital collections. Given that most of the campus libraries do not have a local solution in place for the long-term preservation of digital content, nearly all showed interest in utilizing a centrally deployed system. The report notes potential barriers to moving to a centrally supported system as well as desired enhancements in order for Merritt to meet campuses’ requirements.

POT 1 LT3A ( was charged to identify and analyze existing digital collections in the UC Libraries for inclusion in the future UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC). To accomplish this task, LT3A undertook the following:

  • Developed guidelines for collections to be included in the UCLDC and a way to publicize resulting decisions.
  • Identified existing UC Libraries digital collections with potential for inclusion in the UCLDC, including both collections in need of a hosting solution and those ready to be harvested for discovery/display.
  • Identified mechanisms for continual discovery of additional materials.

LT3A developed and applied a set of criteria to approximately 750 digital collections stewarded by the UC Libraries. Using this process, they identified sixty-four collections across the UC Libraries that if ingested to the UC Libraries Digital Collection could be considered a significant achievement. Ultimately, the cost of contributing existing collections will depend on the workflows developed and how they will minimize the need for extensive technical skills and staff resources. The final report ( from the lightning team has been approved by the Systemwide Operation and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) and distributed to the Collection Development Committee (CDC) as a resource for planning collaborative digitization strategies.

Currently, POT1 LT3B is evaluating the ability of selected existing systemwide access systems to meet the discovery and display features and requirements of the UC Library Digital Collection, as defined by the work of POT 1 Lightning Teams 1A and 3A. Systems to be evaluated include: UC’s Melvyl version of WorldCat Local, Calisphere, UCSD Digital Library Collections (DLC), and the UC Office of the President’s online digital image repository.

Based on the discovery and display requirements from Lightning Teams 1A and 3A, LT 3C is developing a scope of work estimate for building an access system based on OAI-PMH harvesting and/or crawling of identified collections.

POT 2 Transform cataloging practices

The NGTS Management Team has thanked and discharged POT 2.1 and 2.2 teams upon the completion of their charges. Final deliverables from POT 2 are available on the NGTS Power of Three Groups page (

POT 3 Accelerate processing of archival and manuscript collections

SOPAG has endorsed the Archivists’ Toolkit Recommendations ( produced by POT 3 LT 1 and has asked Heads of Special Collections (HOSC) ( to take responsibility for implementing the recommendations. Lightning Team 2 has completed and published the “Guidelines for Efficient Archival Processing in the University of California Libraries,” ( which includes the recommendation to use the “Single-Level Minimum” guidelines of the Society of American Archivists’ Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS) to create brief collection-level records in MARC and/or EAD.
UC Irvine Special Collections and Archives recently announced the completion of a major project to promote the discovery of all of its archival holdings by following these practices. Researchers can now search the Online Archive of California, Antpac, or Melvyl to find information about both processed and unprocessed holdings. Procedures are in place to allow access to unprocessed collections. The project surfaced 219 previously hidden archival collections to the public, comprising over 1,250 linear feet of material.

POT 4 Simplify the recharge process

POT 4 has vetted the “Library Financial Data Best Practices” document with library business officers and delivered the final document to the NGTS Management Team for review. The task of conducting a brief follow-up survey on the scheduled recharge process for CDL co-investments (formerly referred to as the “deposit system”) will be transferred to the Acquisitions Common Interest Group (ACIG) as POT 4 closes out its work.

POT 5 Maximize the effectiveness of Shared Cataloging

POT 5 has delivered a final report evaluating current SCP priorities to the NGTS Management Team. The report is currently being reviewed by SOPAG.

POT 6 Develop system-wide Collections Services Operations

The NGTS Management Team has thanked and discharged POT 6 upon completion of its charge. POT 6 presented the findings from its final report ( to the Council of University Librarians, which have served to inform next steps and models for implementing shared collections services operations.

POT 7 Transform collection development practices

POT 7 has developed a consultation plan to gather input from major stakeholders on the evolving role of the bibliographer or subject specialist and will continue implementation of the consultation plan. POT 7 Lightning Team 2 will be seeking input from various UC stakeholder groups: CoUL, Heads of Public Services (HOPS), CDC, Heads of Technical Services (HOTS), HR officers, bibliographer groups (, CDL Licensing, CDL Publishing & Access, UC3, as well as faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. In addition, LT 2 selected six academic libraries outside the UC system with whom they will consult.