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EZID Service Update — August 2012


August Activities

  • Service Manager Joan Starr held a webinar on August 15th attended by more than 100 participants from organizations all over the country. The webinar was recorded, and the audio and slides are both available on the EZID outreach page, (
  • We finalized an exciting new partnership with EDINA, a UK national academic data center based at the University of Edinburgh, and JISC, one of the UK’s major information and digital technologies project sponsors. A key outcome is the establishment of a live replica for the ARK resolver in the UK. We are very pleased about this development, as it means an increase in service reliability and infrastructure robustness. For more information, see:

EZID Partners and Clients

Our current EZID clients include academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations and a commercial entity. Bolded entries are new additions since our last update.

The UC Irvine Libraries are in the process of ordering EZID.

Service Description

EZID (easy-eye-dee) is a production service that gives researchers the ability to create and manage long-term identifiers so that they can to track usage, get credit for their work, share their data, and have the data reused for additional research. As a result, EZID identifiers also make it possible to increase citations, to build on previous work, to conduct new research, and avoid duplicating previous efforts.

Additional EZID Information (training materials, guides, FAQ, etc.)

More information about EZID is available by sending an inquiry to See also EZID outreach and webinars: (

Service Statistics

Since June 25, 2010, EZID has had an uptime performance 99.9%. A service outage in August persisted for 30 minutes or less beginning at midnight, 8/25/12, PDT.

EZID Service Manager

Joan Starr or