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Next-Generation Technical Services Update: August 2012

UC Libraries Next-Generation Technical Services Transitions to 2012-13

Over the summer, the NGTS Management Team and the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) have been reviewing the work of the Power of Three (POT) groups ( with an eye towards transitioning to focused projects that will implement, further develop, and assess various models of UC Libraries’ shared technical services operations in 2012-13. While POT 1 is on a different timetable with a projected completion date in spring 2013, the other Power of Three groups have largely wrapped up their work and will be phased out this fall. The NGTS Management Team has proposed a slate of projects for the Council of University Librarians ( to review and decide upon when they meet in early September.

POT 1 Build the system-wide infrastructure for digital collections

The overarching charge of POT 1 is to build the systemwide infrastructure to support digitized and born digital UC collections. POT 1 Lightning Team 1A ( assumed responsibility for identifying the critical functional requirements of a system-wide DAMS with a discovery and display system that will meet the needs of those UC campus libraries that do not yet have one. The Lightning Team has completed its work and the NGTS Management Team has approved its deliverable: a requirements document ( for a systemwide DAMS with a discovery and display system.

In total, seventeen individuals from each of the ten UC campus libraries were interviewed by lightning team members, with the goal of understanding current workflow, assessing need, and identifying critical service and system requirements. A defined set of questions were explored and interviews lasted for approximately one hour. Interviewees were provided an opportunity to respond to the draft document before it was finalized.

The requirements document reflects the critical functionalities that should be met in the initial phase of building a UC Libraries systemwide DAMS, including discovery and display. A system that meets the proposed requirements will fulfill the essential needs of those campus libraries that do not yet have a DAMS / discovery and delivery system. The requirements document will continue to evolve and inform the ongoing work of POT 1.

Next, POT 1’s Lightning Team 1C will model and propose a DAMS technology stack based on the requirements document. It is performing a gap analysis of the Merritt repository and developing an inventory of current DAMS technologies used by campuses. The amount of resources required to implement the proposed DAMS technology stack cannot be estimated until the work of POT 1 LT 1C is complete.

POT 2 Transform cataloging practices

POT 2 has completed the “UC Bibliographic Standards for Cooperative, Vendor, and Campus Backlog Cataloging” ( and the deliverable has been approved by NGTS Management Team and the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG).

The “UC Bibliographic Standards” provide the UC Libraries with guidance on consortial and vendor cataloging for bibliographically controlled materials, and define reasonable alternatives to full-level cataloging for reducing backlogs of both bibliographically and archivally controlled materials.

The document was vetted extensively with HOTS, HOPS, CDC, POT 3, POT 5, and POT 6. The Standards will be a living document owned and maintained by the Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) advisory group.

POT 3 Accelerate processing of archival and manuscript collections

POT 3 has reviewed a draft of the “More Product, Less Process (MPLP) Implementation Manual” with key stakeholder groups such as the Heads of Special Collections. POT 3 is incorporating feedback into the draft manual. It is also investigating existing processing metrics programs in order to develop a methodology for assessing implementation of the guidelines.

POT 4 Simplify the recharge process

POT 4 is vetting the “Library Financial Data Best Practices” document with the Library Business Officers. The POT will finalize the document in August. It is also developing a plan for evaluating implementation of the best practices.

POT 5 Maximize the effectiveness of Shared Cataloging

The final report ( of POT 5 Lightning Team 1 (, “Assess the Benefits and Risks of Stopping the Distribution of Bibliographic Records to the Ten Campuses for their Local OPACs” has been posted. The POT will complete its evaluation of current Shared Cataloging Program cataloging priorities and make recommendations by the end of summer.

POT 6 Develop system-wide Collections Services Operations

The NGTS Management Team has reviewed the comprehensive information gathered by POT 6 on technical services expertise and needs across the Libraries, including the Study of Shared Collections Services Projects ( report by Lightning Team 1A (, to develop the slate of NGTS pilot projects proposed for implementation in 2012-13.

POT 7 – Transform collection development practices

POT 7 Lightning Team 1 ( has completed an analysis of a sample of 2011-12 job postings for librarians with collection development responsibilities. The analysis to determine desirable qualifications is one step in POT 7’s work on redefining the role of the bibliographer. Lightning Team 2 is beginning to develop a consultation plan to gather input from stakeholders on this issue.