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Merritt Service Update – June 2012

Service Description

Merritt is a production level service that provides the UC community with an easy to use tool to manage, archive, and share their content. Content can be deposited and managed via a user-interface or an API.

Service Managers

Perry Willett and Adrian Turner or

Merritt Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

More information about Merritt is available at or by sending an inquiry to

Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

Work is nearing completion on enhancements to the Merritt user interface, as summarized on the UC3 Curation wiki ( The new features are currently being tested; we anticipate their rollout in July 2012, and will be hosting a webinar to provide an overview of the features. Some of the key highlights:

  • Merritt will soon support public access to designated collections and objects. Depositors will be able to designate collections as “dark” vs. “light” archives, as part of the collection setup process.
  • Merritt will support integration with the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF – as a search and delivery layer. In collaboration with UC3, the DataShare program at UC San Francisco will be deploying XTF as part of a customized display system, for exposing publicly-accessible content that the organization is depositing in Merritt. The collections will also be optimized for search engine indexing.
  • The Merritt administrative user interface for submitting digital objects will be streamlined and simplified.
  • Depositors will be able to submit native Dublin Core metadata records with digital objects; the metadata records will be displayed and indexed for searching within Merritt.
  • Merritt will support the display of click-through use agreements for particular collections. This functionality will be piloted with UCSF DataShare content.
  • Additional notes from our self-audit of the Merritt repository, based upon the Trustworthy Repository Audit Certification (TRAC) checklist, have been posted to the UC3 Curation wiki:

Service Monitoring and Availability

Check Merritt’s system status page