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Next-Generation Technical Services Update: April 2012

POT 1: Build the UC Digital Collection infrastructure

POT 1 has chosen to use the agile methodology for gathering requirements for the Digital Asset Management System (DAMS). The team is using Pivotal Tracker software to track team activities. Several lightning teams ( have been formed. One is gathering requirements for the DAMS along with digital collection discovery and delivery requirements. Another team is identifying and analyzing existing digital collections. One team will evaluate WorldCat Local for discovery and display, and another lightning team is establishing a rights management framework.

“POT 1 is a highly efficient group that has been able to put structure and specificity around what could be an overwhelming charge,” says team member Lisa Schiff. “Team members share a desire to have concrete results from our efforts.” Read more about POT 1.

POT 2: Transform cataloging practices

Two lightning teams have completed their work on identifying shelf-ready vendors and gathering campus processing specifications. POT 2 is developing a shelf ready proposal based on the input of lightning teams. A draft of “UC Guidelines for Cooperative, Vendor, and Campus Backlog Cataloging” is nearly ready for broader review.

POT 3: Accelerate processing of archival and manuscript collections

POT 3 has completed its report and recommendations on implementation of Archivists’ Toolkit. The Management Team is reviewing the recommendations. Progress on the development of More Product, Less Process guidelines is also on schedule.

POT 4: Simplify the recharge process

POT 4 has completed its near-term deliverable of implementing a deposit account for CDL co-investments. POT 4 also investigated the process of Interlocation Transfer of Funds to determine if it might be a viable alternative to the recharge process for co-investment accounting. In addressing its second major deliverable, the team looked into issues related to a secure directory for tracking recharge activity in real time. The team submitted an interim report with findings as well as recommendations on best practices in campus accounting to the Management Team.

POT 5: Maximize the effectiveness of Shared Cataloging

Lightning team 1 has completed and submitted its report to the POT on Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) record distribution. CAMCIG ( has also completed its report to POT 5 on monetary and staffing costs of SCP record distribution.

POT 6: Develop system-wide Collections Services Operations

A number of lightning teams have wrapped up their work. One completed an inventory of existing shared staffing agreements and projects, and identified success factors for such collaborations. The other teams have completed their reports on current and projected campus staffing needs, as well as on existing and needed tools. A final team is completing its report on existing backlogs (including Special Collections).From the information gathered, POT 6 will identify possible pilot projects for collaboration.

POT 7: Transform collection development practices

POT 7 has completed charges and proposed memberships for lightning teams to address the roles and responsibilities of UC bibliographers in light of the changing landscape of collection management. The Management Team is reviewing these proposed teams and charges.