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Next-Generation Technical Services Update: February 2012

There was a hiatus in January in reporting from the Power of Three Groups (POTS) (, but each of the groups have been hard at work meeting their deliverables. In addition, SOPAG and the NGTS Management Team have discussed the need to measure the impact of the Next-Generation Technical Services initiatives. The Management Team has provided the POTS with suggested methodologies for assessing the efficiencies gained by implementing a new process, policy, or system.

POT 1: Build the UC Digital Collection infrastructure
POT 1 has mapped out an initial task list, which is currently being reviewed by the NGTS Management Team. The scope and timeline is ambitious and will draw together digital library expertise from across the UC libraries.

POT 2: Transform cataloging practices
One of the POT 2 lightning teams has been collecting information about shelf-ready vendors, profiles, agreements, and shelf ready success versus failure rates. The team is beginning to identify opportunities for shelf-ready expansion among the UC Libraries. Concurrently, another lightning team has been gathering and comparing campus processing specifications to identify commonalities and divergences. Both lightning teams are expected to submit a report on their findings to the POT this month.

POT 2 has drafted a minimal record standard at “quasi” OCLC Level 3 and will be evaluating the responses from Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) and Cataloging and Metadata Common Interest Group (CAMCIG) ( regarding the utility and acceptability of the standard, as well as the BIBCO Standard Record [link] for collaborative cataloging.

POT 3: Accelerate processing of archival and manuscript collections
POT 3 has completed a survey of campus needs in terms of Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) usage and training. The POT is now drafting a plan that includes training options tailored to meet the needs identified from the assessment, as well as proposed infrastructure and support for Archivists’ Toolkit implementation. POT 3 has completed the pilot migration of data from UCI’s hosted instance of AT to the CDL-hosted instance, and this will inform guidelines for future migrations.
The POT has also assessed the implementation of “More Product, Less Process” principles among UC libraries and is developing a manual of “best practices” or approaches to efficient processing. A lightning team is currently defining a minimal collection-level record specification for materials described using archival control.
POT 4: Simplify the recharge process
POT 4 has compiled the results of a survey on the deposit system for CDL recharge and has begun analysis. All campuses have now adopted the deposit system. The POT is preparing to charge a lightning team to gather auditing requirements from the campuses.

POT 5: Maximize the effectiveness of Shared Cataloging
POT 5 has prepared a survey on Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) record distribution. The survey will be distributed to the staff of four campuses representative of different sizes and integrated library systems among the UC Libraries: UC Davis, UC Riverside, UCSD, and UCLA.

POT 5 has worked with CAMCIG to gather data on the costs and processes associated with SCP record distribution. CAMCIG is developing use case scenarios to analyze the effects of stopping SCP record distribution.

POT 6: Develop system-wide Collections Services Operations
POT 6 has conducted interviews on existing and recently-concluded arrangements that have involved shared collection services across multiple UC campuses. The POT has received responses from all campuses to a survey of existing and needed tools to support technical services operations. It has launched a survey to assess current backlogs, including those in special collections, and is preparing to launch a survey on current and projected campus staffing needs.

POT 7: Transform collection development practices
POT 7 has completed an Inventory of UC Cooperative Collection Development Activities and has made recommendations for ongoing documenting and sharing of these to CDC and CDL. The POT has received comments from the Management Team on a revised task list and charge ( and will be proceeding with setting up lightning teams to review the roles and responsibilities of UC bibliographers.