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Next-Generation Technical Services Update: October 2011

NGTS develops definitions, best practices for system-wide work

The UC Libraries’ Next-Generation Technical Services initiative has four major aims: 1) cooperative collection development; 2) collaborative technical services; 3) collaborative digital initiatives; and 4) financial and technical infrastructure for system-wide collaboration. As we work together to build shared services and more integrated operations, it is important to make sure that everyone is talking about the same thing. Teams need a common parlance and understanding of how they are defining, approaching, and measuring their work. Some of the initial work of NGTS teams has been to identify and define a common vocabulary as a foundation for working together. Over time, we may develop an “NGTS glossary” for the UC Libraries, just as we are being deliberate about identifying best practices for our work together.

Power of Three (POT) groups 2 and 6 have each produced definitions of terms related to their charges and welcome feedback. Feel free to post your comments and questions on the UC NGTS blog.

POT 2 creates “Shelf Ready Glossary”
POT 2 is charged with defining and implementing a UC consortial shelf-ready program. POT 2 has created a glossary of terms to establish a common vocabulary and understanding of the work of the group and its Lightning Teams, including what is “shelf ready,” what is “shelf-ready failure,” how can UC libraries “gain efficiencies” via shelf ready programs, and what is “pilot vs. implementation.”

POT 6 defines “Collection Services Operations”
POT 6 is charged with planning and implementing UC collection services centers and recommending models for system-wide collection services staffing. The terms “technical services” and “‘collection services” have been used interchangeably throughout the various NGTS reports and charges. For the purpose of fulfilling the group’s charge, POT 6 has defined collection services to include the functions related to selection, licensing, acquisitions, cataloging, preservation, and digitization. The glossary includes terms used in the charges of POT 6 and the POT 6 Lightning Teams.

Project managers receive training on survey methodology
A number of Lightning Teams will be conducting surveys of the campuses to assess current status or needs related to their charges in order to further shape directions and guide implementation work. For example, POT 3 will be assessing current Archivists’ Toolkit usage and application of More Product and Less Process principles on the campuses; POT 4 will be gathering input on the current implementation of deposit accounts; POT 5 will be surveying campuses on Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) record distribution; POT 6 will be conducting surveys on shared staffing agreements, current and projected campus staffing needs, and backlogs; and POT 7 will survey stakeholders in order to re-examine and define the role of the UC bibliographer.

To help the teams identify the best methods for gathering the information they need, Jane Lee, Senior Assessment Analyst in the User Experience Design Team at CDL, has delivered training via webinar to the Project Management Working Group. The project managers will be a resource for the POTs and Lightning Teams about survey and assessment methodology, and have access to Jane for consultation. Jane is also planning to refine the training module she has produced to offer it more broadly to the UC libraries—stay tuned for more information.