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Web Archiving Service: Blog Posts and Articles

We’d like to alert you to two recent write-ups of the Web Archiving Service ( that cover both an initial evaluation and an in-depth examination of extensive use of the service.  Chris Prom provides a Web Archiving Service Evaluation in his Practical E-Records blog using a range of criteria such as usability, scalability, license, support and many others.  This is a well-rounded look at the service addressing the questions that people consider as they’re looking for web archiving solutions.

Michael Shallcross provides a thorough evaluation of the University of Michigan’s use of the service in “On the Development of the University of Michigan Web Archives: Archival Principles and Strategies” (, part of the Society of American Archivists’ Case Studies series.  Michael’s article covers not only their experience with the service itself, but also addresses the policy and procedural aspects of selection and scope for such an archive.  This is especially helpful for the many librarians and archivists who are also considering what it means to comprehensively archive an entire web domain such as

Thanks to Chris and Michael for providing these detailed evaluations of the service; we always learn from fresh perspectives on the service we provide.

P.S.  those QA features are on the way, and we’ve added some new items to our enhancement list!  If you’d like to see a preview of the new features, or if you haven’t yet seen the service, take a look at our upcoming April WAS Workshops.