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UC-eLinks “Logon to your campus proxy or VPN” alert is helping users

A new feature implemented by the UC-eLinks team in July 2010 is making a huge difference — it’s a special UC-eLinks’ alert that tells users to logon to their campus proxy or VPN when we detect they are trying to access a resource from an off-campus IP address.

Fewer feedbacks means the alert message is working.

A comparison of UC-eLinks’ Report A Problem feedbacks on this topic shows a decline from seventy-nine feedbacks in 2009 to a mere four feedbacks for the same five-month period in 2010.

From August 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009:  79 feedbacks
From August 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010: 4 feedbacks

Statistics show heavy use of this feature.

UC-eLinks displayed the “logon alert” message to 133,495 users from late July to the beginning of January. This shows users are attempting to access campus resources from home, on mobile devices, or otherwise not logged into their campus network.

While it’s a large number, it represents only 3.4% of UC-eLinks usage during this period. In the same time period, UC-eLinks was accessed nearly four million times (3,882,769)!

To learn more about this feature, read our post from July 2010 “UC-eLinks knows when you have left the building.”

If you have a story to share or comments about this feature, email the UC-eLinks team.