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HathiTrust Search Widget

By Heather Christenson, CDL HathiTrust Project Manager

CDL has developed a search box that can be placed on any web page to search the HathiTrust Digital Library directly from websites, learning management systems, library guides and more.

There are a number of different versions to choose from:

* full text search

* full text search with option to limit to full view only

* bibliographic search

* bibliographic search with option to limit to full view only

* bibliographic search with multiple limit options (title, author, subject, identifier, publisher, series title, contributing library, full view only)

The code for the search box is hosted on the HathiTrust site:

Anyone may take this code and embed it in a web page.

Thanks and credit go to CDL Programmer Andy Mardesich who developed the widget set, and to those who assisted in making it available via the HathiTrust web site.

HathiTrust contains over 7 million digital books, journals, government documents, and other volumes, all digitized from the UC Libraries and other research libraries. The collection includes both public domain and in-copyright works across a full range of subjects.  Approximately 1.6 million volumes are free of copyright restrictions and are fully viewable.

Over half of the content is in English, but hundreds of languages are represented, including large amounts of material in German, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.  Although all items are discoverable, viewability depends on rights status of the individual item.

The search box may be especially useful in contexts where users are seeking to discover materials published before 1923, government documents, and historical information.

More information on the date ranges, subjects and languages represented in HathiTrust may be found at: