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End-of-Year Funds Provide New Resources

By Wendy Parfrey, CDL Shared Content Coordinator

CDL and a number of campuses were able to make significant purchases for perpetual rights on behalf of all UC campuses with end-of-year funds in 2010.  The acquisitions cover many important resources across the sciences, humanities and social sciences and were recommended by UC bibliographer groups in a survey at the beginning of the year.  On behalf of CDL, we would like to thank the bibliographer groups for their input in the selection of new one-time resources in 2010.

All UC campuses now have access to the following new resources:

Encyclopedia of Religion, 7th ed. [Gale/Cengage — via the Gale Virtual Reference Library] and seven other reference books in the area of religious studies such as Contemporary American Religion and Encyclopedia of Buddhism.  The Encyclopedia of Religion is the newest edition of the Dartmouth Medal-winning resource by Macmillan.  It is considered the standard work in the field and was chosen as one of Library Journal’s most important reference works of the last millennium.  The 15-volume set includes over 3,300 articles by more than 2,000 experts around the world.  Highly recommended by the Anthropology, Philosophy & Religious Studies and Sociology groups.

IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library [via IEEE Xplore] includes all IEEE-Wiley titles for the current year plus the complete backlist of more than 400 titles delivered on the IEEE Xplore platform. The collection spans bioengineering, power & energy and communication technologies among other growing areas of research.  Recommended by the PSE (Engineering) group.

New England Journal of Medicine Archive (1812-1989) [via the NEJM web site]  All campuses have access to the NEJM Archive thanks to Julia Kochi (UCSF) who provided the core funding.   Eight campuses shared the remainder of the cost, with Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz included gratis.  Recommended by UCSF along with the Health and Life Sciences (UCHLS) group.

Historical Chicago Tribune (1849-1986) and Historical Washington Post (1877-1992) [via ProQuest; searches all ProQuest Historical Newspapers]  These two important resources complement earlier purchases of historic newspapers from ProQuest.  Recommended by the News, British/U.S. History and Women’s Studies groups.

Wiley’s General Medicine and German Chemical Societies backfiles [via Wiley Online Library] The General Medicine backfile includes 53 titles from both Wiley and Blackwell.   The German Chemical Societies backfile includes the flagship title, Angewandte Chemie (German Edition), 1887-1997.  Recommended by the UCHLS and PSE (Chemistry) groups.

In addition, Jean McKenzie (UCB) finalized a one-time purchase of the 2010 SPIE eBooks [via the SPIE Digital Library] along with the backfile (1989-2009) on behalf of all 10 campuses.  The purchase was paid by eight campuses and facilitated by the PSE group.  UC Davis provided extra funding to cover UC Riverside’s participation and SPIE added UCSF at no cost.

CDL would like to thank the campuses that generously contributed beyond their own cost shares to ensure that all UC students and faculty would benefit from access to the new resources in 2010.  During an especially difficult budget year, this generosity and consortial spirit is much appreciated.