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All Things Mobile

By Rachael Hu, User Experience Design Manager

Here at CDL, we’ve been working hard all summer immersing ourselves in all things mobile. And we’re excited to share with you our findings and next steps for mobile support and development for some of CDL services.

To re-cap, our mobile investigation was conducted as a three part harmony:

  1. Rachael Hu, User Experience Design Manager, and Alison Meier, UC Berkeley iSchool intern, conducted a user research inquiry to understand how UC students, faculty and staff were adopting and utilizing mobile devices in their academic workflow. The final report and detailed project findings and comprehensive resource listings as well as other project deliverables can be found on the CDL mobile research wiki project page ( ). In addition to the main report are separate reports on Discovery and Delivery and Digital Special Collections.
  2. Holly Eggleston, Electronic Resource Analyst and Resource Liaison Coordinator, with the cooperation of the Resource Wranglers Team, drove the effort to test, investigate, and formulate CDL’s mobile activation and support strategy for CDL Licensed Resources.  For details about supported resources, known technical issues and considerations for campuses who are implementing mobile, please see .
  3. Lena Zentall, Discovery and Delivery Project Manager, spearheaded an effort to develop Discovery and Delivery mobile strategy for their services, such as UC-eLinks and Request. Findings from the user research inquiry as well as a detailed mapping of the inter-relation of these services with CDL licensed resources helped to formulate next steps for mobile accessibility.

We plan to communicate our harmonized findings and next steps to UC campuses and beyond throughout the fall. Stay tuned for more information. But in the meantime, please take a look at the CDL mobile research wiki.

We hope you find the information as illuminating as we did…