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CDL Recruiting for Discovery & Delivery Programmer Analyst

By Lynne Cameron, Technical Lead, Discovery & Delivery

Shape the future of library systems.

Position:  Programmer Analyst III

About you
You are a programmer interested in being part of a team envisioning and building the next generation of library discovery & delivery services.  You thrive on dividing your time between programming and analysis. You have the ability to understand and troubleshoot flows between existing core Discovery and Delivery systems and to understand how metadata is mapped and transformed as it travels between discovery and delivery systems. You seek out innovative ways to continually improve interactive library systems. You have a high degree of technical competence to perform analysis and QA autonomously. You are deeply and creatively engaged with the digital library domain and a champion for users. You want to work on:

  • Multi-campus systems
  • Large datasets
  • Collaborative projects with partners such as Google, Internet Archive, the Hathi Trust and other digital libraries

About us
We are the California Digital Library’s Discovery & Delivery Team. We’re planning and building the next generation of library services even as we make our existing systems better. We need you to help us make it happen. Read more about what we do and our strategic goals for the Discovery & Delivery Team on the CDL website.


  • BS in Computer Science, information management/science, or a related field
  • Experience with object-oriented languages (e.g. Java, C) and scripting languages (e.g PERL, Ruby).
  • Excellent knowledge of web standards and cross-browser development.


  • Familiarity with web development frameworks (e.g. Ruby on Rails, Spring).