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Webinar of "Merritt" repository development

UC3 is developing a new Digital Preservation Repository based on a set of curation micro-services. (We’ve named this development effort “Merritt” after Lake Merritt (, just a few blocks from our office.)

We’ve reached a development milestone, and held a webcast for our partners on May 20. In this webcast, we explain our new approach and demo the new repository, showing the ingest process and highlighting the new features. Our goal is to show our development and to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our new system.

The webcast is now available online: (

Here’s the agenda:

Speaker Subject Starting time
Trisha Cruse Introduction to UC3 00:00
Stephen Abrams Overview of microservices and Merritt development 10:40
Demo of Storage and Ingest 39:41
Wrap-up 51:30
Perry Willett Discussion and questions 55:55

You’ll find more about the curation microservices and our development on the UC3 website and our Curation wiki. Please send us any comments via our contact page. Thanks!