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CDL to Investigate Mobile Device Use

By Rachael Hu, User Experience Design Manager

CDL is beginning a formal exploration and investigation into mobile device use on the UC campuses and how that impacts our services. We will be:

  1. Studying mobile device user patterns to inform CDL service development
  2. Using the Discovery & Delivery Program as a case study for CDL’s mobile readiness
  3. Assessing licensed database and e-journal vendors’ mobile functionality and campuses’ readiness to access this functionality

Rachael Hu, CDL’s User Experience Design Manager, is leading the mobile device user research component with the assistance of an intern from UC Berkeley’s School of Information. Coordinating the Discovery & Delivery Program’s case study is Lena Zentall, Project Manager, and Holly Eggleston, CDL’s Resource Liaison Coordinator and Electronic Resource Analyst, is leading the assessment of the mobile functionality of licensed resources and campuses’ readiness to adopt and deploy this functionality.

Our goal is to gather user-based evidence to help formulate guidelines in developing mobile compatible versions of CDL services, as well as aid in the mobile discovery and delivery of licensed resources. We also hope to hear about and coordinate with UC campuses and their work surrounding mobile service development.

Work is beginning now and will continue through the summer. CDL will be conducting literature reviews, comparative analysis of mobile application and service functionality as well as talking to library and IT staff, students, faculty, and researchers. We will also be conducting a survey of end-users and in-person interviews as needed. We are sensitive to our campus colleagues’ time and work priorities so will coordinate our campus communication efforts. The ultimate goal of our exploration will be to provide services that better support campuses in their role as facilitators for meeting UC patrons’ growing mobile-based information needs.