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CDL welcomes Greg Janée

By John Kunze, CDL Preservation Technologies Architect

Please join me in welcoming a new half-time developer, Greg Janée to the UC Curation Center.  Greg will be working remotely from Santa Barbara, where the other half of his time goes to the Institute for Computational Earth Systems Science (ICESS) at UCSB.  Our portion of his time is funded by the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) for a period of two years.

Some of you know Greg from his long career at UCSB and many publications and presentations (  As a digital library research specialist, he has worked with the Alexandria Digital Library and the NDIIPP-funded National Geospatial Digital Archive (NGDA), which he explains has been confused with the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association.  He also served on the STAS (Strategic Technology and Standards) group that advised CDL about eight years ago.

Greg will work on UC3 micro-services development to support the exchange and management of MHS digital content, and he will report to me.  There is a nice synergy between our new scientific dataset curation work and an ocean color project that he is doing for ICESS.  We are figuring out, with advice from Martin Haye, how best to configure his remote work arrangement.  (Note that Janée is, pronounced jhah-NAY, with the “jh” sounding like the second “g” in garage.)  Until his email account is set up, he can be reached at