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CDL ERMS implementation finishes

By Lena Zentall, Project Manager, Discovery & Delivery

The CDL ERMS Implementation Team (iTeam) has fulfilled its charge and completed the implementation of the CDL ERMS for CDL staff use. The CDL ERMS brings together critical CDL acquisitions and licensing data in one place using Serials Solutions’ 360 Resource Manager, a hosted web product. The CDL ERMS does not include local campus holdings data. The iTeam led the effort from November 2008 to December 2009. Implementation highlights include:

  • Developing workflows and defining clear ownership of tasks, which resolved ambiguities and will make it easier to identify efficiencies moving forward,
  • Performing a risk assessment, which enabled the team to identify potential problems and to develop a shared understanding of project challenges,
  • Saving time by convening expert subgroups to focus on specific problem areas such as loading & syncing data from multiple systems, and advising on workflow efficiencies moving forward,
  • Advising Serials Solutions on the development of a report to assist in synchronization of holdings between Serials Solutions (CDL ERMS) and Ex Libris SFX (UC-eLinks) to greatly reduce manually updating in both systems,
  • Loading and performing quality control on a large amount of data pertaining to resources, licenses, contacts, and acquisitions-related information.

Wrangling the data

Between August and December 2009, the iTeam undertook the Herculean task of completing data entry, reviewing the data for accuracy, and synchronizing titles and holdings with the various CDL tracking systems including shared cataloging data and UC-eLinks. These systems (the CDL ERMS, UC-eLinks, and SCP records) may continue to reflect some differences for a variety of reasons including different update schedules and different standards for recording titles and holdings.  CDL will be continuing to work on efficient synchronization of data and workflows as implementation goes forward.

Access for UC library staff is in the works

Coming soon, the CDL ERMS will include a publicly accessible interface intended for library staff, dubbed the CDL ERMS Portal. Some work remains before the Portal can be launched, likely to happen in the first quarter of 2010. The Portal will display limited CDL ERMS data, specifically, licensing terms and campus participants for all CDL-managed databases and packages. A fuller description of what is tracked in the Portal will be published in CDLINFO when the service is released.  In the coming months, the CDL ERMS Operations Team will also determine the best way to make additional relevant data and reports available to campuses.

What’s next?

The iTeam has turned over the reins to the CDL ERMS product manager, Holly Eggleston, who is convening the CDL ERMS Operations Team to manage the CDL ERMS moving forward.

A final word of appreciation

I’d like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the CDL ERMS iTeam. In particular, Holly Eggleston, Tony Harvell and Margery Tibbetts deserve special recognition for their leadership roles in the implementation.

Jayne Dickson
Holly Eggleston
Kate Garvey-Clasby
Tony Harvell
Curtis Lavery
Chan Li
Wendy Parfrey
Margery Tibbetts
Adam Brin

Other major participants in implementation included Adriana Moran and Maria Figueroa from CDL Acquisitions. Finally, the iTeam is grateful for the dedication of Leslie Lapham and Jeff Aipperspach from Serials Solutions.

The iTeam was guided by the CDL ERMS Steering Group: Ivy Anderson, Ellen Meltzer, and Patricia Martin. We thank them kindly for their guidance.

Campuses should feel free to contact Holly ( with any questions about the CDL ERMS.