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HathiTrust Large Scale Search

By Heather Christenson, CDL Mass Digitization Project Manager

Effective November 18th, the HathiTrust Digital Library is now providing full-text searching capabilities across the entire library of 4.6 million volumes (1.6 billion pages) in the collection. Researchers can now search public domain and in-copyright works by keyword or phrase.

Based on open source Solr/Lucene technology, the service expands on an experimental search of public domain volumes introduced in November 2008. The CDL Discovery & Delivery team participated in testing the full-text search ahead of this release.

Full-text search will continue to be supported across the repository as it grows at a rate of hundreds of thousands of volumes every month. The UC Libraries currently have over 750,000 digital volumes in the HathiTrust, and the number continues to grow.

UC is a founding member of the HathiTrust, a collaborative enterprise of 25 leading research libraries. UC participation is coordinated by the California Digital Library (CDL), which brings its extensive experience in digital curation and shared online services to the HathiTrust.

The HathiTrust large scale search is available at:

For more information, please see the official press release: