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The Bibliographic Services Team has a new name

By Patricia Martin, Director, Discovery & Delivery

Do you know what the name Bibliographic Services means? We couldn’t agree on it either, so we decided to change the name of our team from Bibliographic Services to a name that better describes the services we provide as a CDL team.  The team that brings you Melvyl®, Next Generation Melvyl®, UC-eLinks, and Request is now the Discovery & Delivery team.

How is this name more relevant to what we’re doing? We’ve seen a shift in the way scholars do research. Discovery and delivery are tightly aligned services — researchers expect access to publications at the same time as they find them. The core library services we provide extend beyond managing bibliographic data — we’re connecting people to what they want. UC-eLinks, for example, is a popular web application that provides UC faculty and students with a quick and reliable way to link directly to articles from the library catalog or other sites like PubMed or Google Scholar.

What can you expect from the Discovery & Delivery team looking forward? We’re building on our years of metadata expertise and expanding further into the delivery realm. We’re exploring new territory in collaborative initiatives like Hathi Trust, where members of our team recently implemented an open-source page turner for the mass digitized books on the Hathi Trust website.

Where will you see our team’s new name? You will see Discovery & Delivery on the CDL website early next year. Our name is 100% acronym free, but you can call us the D&D team for short. We have already garnered several nicknames, including “disco-tech” for our technical team.