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Emily Stambaugh in Print

By Jayne Dickson, CDLINFO Editor

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is initiating a new series of invited reports addressing emerging roles for research libraries.  The New Roles for New Times series will begin publication with five reports in 2010.  The reports will identify and delineate emerging roles for research library staff and present research on early experiences among ARL member libraries in developing the roles and delivering services.

Emily Stambaugh, CDL’s Manager of Shared Print, is writing the report on New roles in providing print collections: remote storage and collection consolidation.  Other reports being developed are:

  • Transforming liaison librarian work
    Karen Williams, University of Minnesota
  • Repository services
    Sarah Shreeves, University of Illinois
  • Digital curation and preservation
    Tyler Walters, Georgia Tech
  • Library roles in promoting graduate students’ development of research skills and understanding of scholarly communication
    Lucinda Covert-Vail and Scott Collard, NYU

Each report will describe the emerging role, articulating the audience affected by the new role and the benefits various constituencies experience as a result of the new role.  Reports will highlight existing work, report authors’ findings, and offer analysis of trends, best practices, and key issues. Reports will be freely available as PDF files on ARL’s New Roles for New Times Web site

Complementing the report set, ARL will work with the New Roles authors to organize corresponding webcasts on each topic.  Webcasts will be scheduled to follow a report’s release.