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CDL ERMS milestone: data loaded into Serials Solutions

By Lena Zentall, Project Manager, Bibliographic Services

In November 2008, CDL convened a team to implement an Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS) to manage CDL’s shared licensing activities for Tier 1 and CDL-supported Tier 2 resources.  The ERMS is hosted on the Serials Solutions 360 platform.  For more information about CDL’s selection of Serials Solutions ERMS, see the CDLINFO article “Serials Solutions Chosen as Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS)” from September 22, 2008.

The ERMS implementation team (iTeam) achieved a major milestone on July 31, 2009 when they finished the initial phase of loading CDL data into Serials Solutions.  During August and September, the iTeam will complete remaining data entry, review the data, and ensure holdings and titles are in sync with the various CDL tracking systems including shared cataloging data and UC-eLinks data.  At the same time, CDL staff will begin adapting their workflow routines to adjust to the new system.

CDL staff have already started using the system to support licensing activities.  CDL Helpline staff are consulting the ERMS on a daily basis and have been pleased with the accuracy of the data loaded by the team. In the coming months, the iTeam will consult with the Collection Development Committee (CDC) to determine the best way to make relevant data available to campuses.

We’ll provide further updates as implementation progresses.  Campuses should feel free to contact Lena ( with any questions about CDL’s implementation plans.