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Campus Discount Program

By Wendy Parfrey, Shared Content Coordinator

CDL currently manages almost 400 online resources acquired on behalf of the UC campuses during the last ten years.  The majority of these resources are of broad, systemwide multidisciplinary interest for scholarly research and undergraduate curriculum.  In the last few years, more specialized resources have been acquired in the sciences, social sciences and humanities, including new content areas such as music, images and East Asian languages.

As the information available in electronic form penetrates ever more deeply into specialized subject areas, need has emerged for new tools to support the increasing diversity of collection development objectives across the UC system.  Often a single campus, or a small group of campuses, is interested in acquiring specialized e-resources to support local research and curriculum goals.

As a way to facilitate individual campus licenses as well as potential Tier 2 efforts, CDL has begun to negotiate predetermined campus discounts with the most requested aggregators where UC already has established licenses.  The objective is to give campuses flexibility to choose to locally license or consult with other campuses to license on a multi-site basis during the year, benefiting in each case from a negotiated discount.  Such e-resources may also evolve into formal Tier 2 arrangements depending on the level of collective interest.

In order to facilitate and streamline this process and offer the benefit of pre-determined discounts for single and multiple campuses, CDL has set up the Campus Discount Program.

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