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INSPEC moving from Ovid to Web of Science Platform

By Karen Andrews (UCD), INSPEC Resource Liaison

INSPEC, the premier database for computer science, information technology, physics and electronics engineering, will move from Ovid to the ISI Web of Knowledge platform.  Beginning April 20, 2009, INSPEC will run in parallel on both sites.  Special features are the ability to obtain review articles, limit topic by experimental, theoretical, or applications approach.  Moving to the ISI Web of Knowledge platform allows powerful numerical range searching for properties of materials, searching for astronomical objects by acronym or location, and searching for inorganic chemical substances.

The INSPEC database will continue to be available via the current Ovid interface through June 30, 2009.  Beginning July 1, 2009, INSPEC will only be available through the Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Knowledge search interface, where INSPEC will have its own site and unique URL link.

CDL has created an interim screen from the links to INSPEC and the INSPEC Archive in the Melvyl Catalog.  The interim screen links to both platforms (Ovid and WoK), which will run in parallel through June 30.  If campuses are currently using a direct URL to the INSPEC database, they may wish to change to the persistent identifiers (PIDs) in their lists of databases, guides, etc. On July 1, the PIDs will change automatically to the new ISI Web of Knowledge URL.  Note that in the ISI WoK platform, the INSPEC Archive is no longer a separate file and thus it will not have a unique PID.  After July 1, the Archive PID will point to the single, complete INSPEC file.

The PIDs for the databases are:


 INSPEC Archive PID: