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CDL’s Publishing Program’s permanent placements

By Laine Farley, CDL Interim Executive Director

Catherine Mitchell named Director of Publishing program

CDL is delighted to announce that as of October 13, Catherine Mitchell is the permanent Director of the Publishing program for CDL.  Catherine has held the position on an interim basis since November 2007.  During that time, she has led the group to develop a new services-oriented vision and to launch an ambitious redesign of the eScholarship interface.  She was also the project manager for the Mark Twain project which successfully launched last November.  Catherine’s dedication, deep understanding of scholarly communication, publishing issues, and professionalism are admired by all of us who work with her.  Please join me in congratulating Catherine on her new (old) job!

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Welcome Back, Suzanne Lim

CDL is also delighted to welcome Suzanne Lim back to the CDL. As the Publishing Group Support Programmer, Suzanne will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and management of all Publishing Group services and servers. In addition, she will be helping develop the content workflow to support the new eScholarship Repository access interface, now under development. Suzanne’s extensive background as a systems administrator uniquely qualifies her for this role.  She will expand her skills to eventually be able to expand her role to that of XTF programmer.  Please join us in welcoming (back) Suzanne.