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CDLAlert Archive

By Jayne Dickson, CDL Helpline Manager

Have you ever deleted a CDLAlert too soon and now you’re wondering if that resource should be back in action?  Or have you ever noticed that a resource was down and wondered if the vendor had sent a downtime message?  The easiest way to find out is to check the CDLAlert Archive at  You can see all the CDLAlerts sent during a specific month or you can search the archive by keyword (e.g., by vendor, resource or platform name).

We use CDLAlerts to send announcements of systemwide interest to our users, e.g., new access points, database problems that might take significant time to resolve, notices for scheduled maintenance, etc.  So, CDLAlerts bring a wealth of information on UC resources directly to your e-mailbox.  If you’re not already subscribed to the CDLALERT-L listserv, information on how to do so is below.

To subscribe: Please send the following line to
            SUBSCRIBE CDLALERT-L Rita Book

To unsubscribe: Please send the following line to