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UC Image Service News: More Luna Insight collections

By Lena Zentall, CDL UC Image Service Manager

Thirteen additional Luna Insight image collections were recently made available by CDL for the UC Image Service.  These open-access collections are hosted by various institutions such as UC Merced, Cornell, Stanford and others, and are freely shared with the Insight community.  To view the collections, open your Luna Insight client (see download instructions below) and select one or more collections.  Alternatively, you may view one collection at a time using the Insight browser with the URLs (PIDs) below.  Note: The Insight browser has limited functionality.  To learn more about these collections, see the CDL Image Service, Luna Collections website at

Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs (Cornell)
1,358 images of 19th- and early 20-century architecture, decorative arts, sculpture and photographs.

Catena Historic Gardens & Landscapes (Bard)
1,710 historic and contemporary images, including plans, engravings, and photographs, covering garden history and landscape studies with a focus on Italian villas.
URL: []
Note: The PID works in Firefox, but you must paste the URL directly into Internet Explorer.

Claire Holt Indonesian Art Images (Cornell)
1,775 images of Indonesia, including art, architecture, ceremonies, landscapes, paintings, people, sculpture, textiles, and theatre.

Early American Images, John Carter Brown Library (Brown)
5,097 graphic representations of the colonial Americas, from Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego, drawn entirely from primary sources printed or created between 1492 and ca. 1825.

Icelandic and Faroese Photographs (Cornell)
416 images depict Iceland and the Faeroe Islands on the edge of modernity at the end of the 19th century, including landscapes, farmsteads, towns and people.

Lee Institute for Japanese Art (UC Merced)
1,201 images comprising Japanese screen and scroll paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics, and lacquerwares from the 10th to the 21st centuries with particular emphasis on paintings of the Edo period (1600-1868).

Maps of Africa (Stanford)
578 images of antiquarian maps of Africa from the Stanford University Libraries, dating from the late 15th to early 20th century.

Political Americana Collection (Cornell)
2,278 images of Presidential promotional and commemorative items dating from 1789 to 1980; elections from 1832 to 1960 are particularly well represented.

Pratt Institute Ex Libris Collection
1,289 images of 19th- and 20th-century bookplates from private and institutional libraries feature finely detailed engraving or etching and serve as outstanding examples of period book art and typography.

Pratt Institute Fashion Plate Collection
129 images of hand-colored fashion plates from 1922 created by such prominent French artists as George Barbier, Pierre Brissaud, and Georges Lepape, and anticipate the Art Deco movement of the mid-1920s.

Rylands Collection (University of Manchester)
4,823 images spanning 5,000 years including rare books, manuscripts and archives: literary, historical, antiquarian, genealogical, biblical, devotional, ritualistic, medical, scientific, legal and administrative texts in numerous languages.

Walter Scott Collection (University of Edinburgh)
446 images including portraits of Scott and of people associated with Scott, art inspired by his novels and poems, illustrations to editions of his works, and pictures of places associated with Scott.

World War II Posters (Bucknell)
20 posters from Bucknell University’s Special Collections.

Luna Insight software version 5.6

To download the most recent version of the Luna Insight java client (version 5.6) for either Mac or PC, follow the instructions on the Image Service Insight Download web page:  Download the java client from this page rather than getting it directly from the Luna Imaging website; the CDL version has been bundled so users can open the client without being prompted for a username and password.