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UC Image Service News: Preparing for UC Shared Images strategic collection building

By Lena Zentall, CDL UC Image Service Manager

CDL and campus stakeholders have been working hard behind the scenes to lay the foundation for collection building in UC Shared Images.  This has included developing metadata submission guidelines for campuses to structure their metadata, and a collection development program proposal to help campuses manage collection building.

Shared Metadata Working Group and Metadata Submission Guidelines
In June 2007, CDL convened an advisory group, the Shared Metadata Working Group to focus on the metadata issues surrounding a shared image collection.  The Shared Metadata Working Group’s charge was to 1) recommend a metadata model for the UC Shared Image Collection to be hosted by ARTstor and 2) to produce best practices guidelines for cataloging and formatting metadata for sharing.  The resulting document was the Metadata Submission Guidelines (MSG).  See the Image Service website for the guidelines, working group members, and the group’s charge.

Collection Development Program Proposal
The CDL Image Service Strategic Planning Team worked in consultation with the UC Libraries Collection Development Committee (CDC) on a collection development proposal that outlines a program for building collections in UC Shared Images.  CDL proposed a structure for campuses to manage image collection development at their own campuses, and ultimately, to extend collection development strategy to the collective UC Shared Images.  In phase 1, CDL asked the UC Libraries Collection Development Committee member at each campus to appoint a collection liaison, and to consider forming a collection development group, which would include appropriate campus stakeholders. In phase 2, CDL in consultation with the CDC will form a UC Shared Images Steering Group to make strategic decisions about collection development for UC Shared Images moving into the future.  See the Image Service website for the proposal and collection liaisons.

Together, these foundation documents will enable campuses to begin building collections for sharing in UC Shared Images.