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Request (Interlibrary Loan) Recent Enhancements

Increased security for Request service
In order to make the transmission of personal data and other information more secure within UC’s Request (interlibrary loan) service, Request began running under https (a secure version of http) on December 12, 2007.

Some users did not use the online Request service due to data security concerns.  The use of “https” removes the barrier to the Request service for these users.

The change to “https” for the Request service is essentially transparent to the user and does not require the user to change the way Request is accessed.  At the time of the change the campus proxy service contacts were asked to add port 4502 as an allowable SSL port.  In some cases, this new port may be blocked, making it difficult for users in some non-library campus buildings (such as labs) to access Request. If faculty or students in one of your campus departments are having trouble accessing Request, please ask them to check with their computer support service that port 4502 is allowed on their server.

January 15th, 2008 access to “My ILL Requests” limited to UC IPs.
Users must come in from a UC IP address from on campus or via their campus proxy or VPN service to access My ILL Requests, a service that allows users to view and manage their interlibrary loan requests online

My ILL Requests enhancement
April 1, 2008 the “Sort by due date” option was added to My ILL Requests.

Request service statistics
Statistics for My ILL Requests <> became available on February 21, 2008.

VDX statistics <> were changed from Crystal Reports to a web based product on with the February 2008 statistics reports posted on March 25, 2008.  The statistics reports are now posted in HTML on the Inside VDX pages, instead of PDF.  ILL staff members have access to a web tool to generate tab delimited reports.