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UC Image Service News: Luna Insight Collections Update

By Lena Zentall, CDL UC Image Service Manager

UC Shared Images implementation continues with CDL moving some collections from Luna Insight to ARTstor, while access to other collections is reverting to UC websites.

What do you need to do? 
Since PIDs (persistent identifiers) stay the same even when URLs change, you will not need to make any changes to links for collections with PIDs — provided you are using the PID.  (The UC Shared Cataloging Program manages PIDs.)  You may need to update descriptive information in your local catalogs and websites as some collection hosts have changed.

CDL licensed image collections

Saskia and Hartill will be available in Luna Insight until June 15, 2008, after which they will only be available in ARTstor.

Saskia Art and Architecture
Saskia will be available as a UC Shared Images collection in ARTstor in April 2008.
PID:  PID will be updated with the new URL on June 16, 2008,
New URL:

Hartill Art and Architecture
Hartill is available now in ARTstor as part of the ARTstor digital library.
PID:  PID will be updated with the new URL on June 16, 2008,
New URL:

What does this mean for users? 
Users will be able to easily search across these two CDL collections along with more than 750,000 images in the ARTstor digital library.

Other Insight collections moving in June 2008

Art Museum Images from Cartography Associates (AMICA) will be available in Insight until June 30, 2008 when the license expires.  (See CDLInfo, March 6, 2008.)

Access to these collections in Insight will end on June 15, 2008:
UC Riverside will continue to provide access to this collection on the LUCI website. Some contributors to this collection will be moving their LUCI images to their UC Shared Images collections hosted on ARTstor beginning in Fall 2008.
LUCI website:

An expanded version of Museums and the Online Archive of California (MOAC) is available to the UC community as well as the general public on CDL’s Calisphere website and the MOAC website (see below for URL).
PID:  PID will be updated with the new URL on June 16, 2008,
New URL:

SPIRO is UC Berkeley’s online image database from the College of Environmental Design Visual Resources Center.  The Visual Resources Center is in the process of merging select images from SPIRO into the UC Shared Images’ UC Berkeley Art and Architecture collection to be hosted by ARTstor. UC Berkeley is working with ARTstor to make this collection available in September 2008.  In addition, UC Berkeley will continue to make the SPIRO website available.
SPIRO website:

Tebtunis Papyri
The entire collection of Tebtunis papyri images is available from the Bancroft’s Tebtunis website.
PID:  PID will be updated with the new URL on June 16, 2008,
New URL:

UCSF Demonstration Project
This set of 99 dental and medical images from UCSF will no longer be available after June 15, 2008.

What does this mean for users?
Alternative access is available for nearly all these collections.  Many of these collections were built in Insight during the Image Demonstrator project to get experience with delivering image services and merging collections.  Most of these collections have primary sites outside of Insight that have been growing and improving while these “demonstrator” collections in Insight remained static.

Insight collections available after June 2008
More than 30,000 images are available in these collections provided to Insight clients.  New collections will be made available periodically in accordance with the JSCSC process for adding open-access resources.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Estate Project for Artists with Aids

Farber Gravestone Collection

Hoover Institution Poster Collection

Japanese Historical Maps

National Palace Museum of Taipei

What does this mean for users?
Users will continue to have access to these rich collections, which are freely available to the Insight community.

To learn more about UC Shared Images, see the CDL Image Service website: or contact Lena Zentall, Image Service Manager (, 510.987.9233).