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Cambridge University Press: Newly Licensed Titles for 2008

By Terry Vrable, CDL Acquisitions Coordinator

As part of the 2008 renewal process for Cambridge University Press online journals, the following recommended titles have been added to the CDL’s license with CUP:

  1. ANZIAM Journal
  2. Austrian History Yearbook
  3. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
  4. Church History
  5. International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  6. Journal of Politics
  7. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
  8. Journal of the History of Economic Thought

UC-eLinks will be enabled and the titles cataloged by the Shared Cataloging Program as they become available online at

The full list of CDL-licensed titles for CUP is posted online at

Five new start-ups are openly available during 2008 and will be offered for inclusion in the 2009 renewal: Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Journal of K-Theory, Marine and Freshwater Biodiversity, Politics and Religion, and the Review of Symbolic Logic.

Details of the title selection process are described in the document “Managing Changes to Journal Packages” available at Inside CDL ( Questions regarding new titles can be directed to CDL Acquisitions,