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The Bancroft Library is Closed for Summer 2008!

By Mary Elings, Archivist for Digital Collections at UCB’s Bancroft Library

In summer 2008, the Bancroft Library will return to its original location, the Doe Library Annex, from its temporary quarters in downtown Berkeley.  The state-mandated seismic retrofitting of its building, as well the much-needed upgrading of its facilities, is planned for completion by the end of spring 2008.  The Library will be closed for approximately five months during this move, and then will once again be open to the public.

Bancroft’s normal open hours will be maintained this spring for the preparation of the move.  From May 23, 2008 to mid-Fall 2008, Bancroft will be closed to the public in order to move its collections.  Other Bancroft Library programs affected by the move include the Mark Twain Papers and Project, the Regional Oral History Office, the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri, and the University Archives.

For more information and updates about the move, please visit the Bancroft website at or call (510) 642-3781.