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Annual Resource Liaisons Meeting: You Can Be There Now

By Bob Heyer-Gray, Interim CDL Resource Liaison Coordinator

Didn’t make it to the Resource Liaisons Meeting in Newport Beach?  You were there but got up so early that you do not remember what it was you heard?  You were asked to do a recap of the meeting for other staff at your library but took no notes?  Have no fear.  The meeting notes, presentations, and audio files are now up on the CDL Resource Liaisons web page:

Yes, you read correctly, thanks to Alison Ray, for the first time we also have MP3 files associated with the presentations.  The audio files will really help provide context to the PowerPoint presentations and as a result, more fully capture the events of the meeting.

You can find the agenda for the meeting at:

or jump straight to the meeting notes, presentations, and MP3 files at:

Many thanks to Jayne Dickson for getting these materials compiled and posted to the web so quickly and to all the CDL staff that were involved in getting what I believe was a very successful meeting accomplished.