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UC Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS) Project Update

The following is a summary of recent ERMS project activities, and plans for the coming months.

Ex Libris product manager Ted Koppel visited the CDL in November.  As a result of this meeting, CDL is in the process of upgrading our test environment to the beta version of Ex Libris’ ERMS product, Verde 2.0. We are aiming for this upgrade to be completed in January.

Key points

  • This is a continuation of what we started last year since it is an upgrade of our test environment only. When we are done testing, we will not be saving the test data.
  • This installation is planned to include a central instance (CDL) and up to 4 campus instances.  The campus instances will be determined based our need to test interoperability between Verde and SFX (which underlies our UC-eLinks service).>
  • We plan to open this up to the SOPAG ERMS implementation team to use in their work.


  • Campuses will be able to interact with the latest version and experience the workflow.
  • Campuses will be able to analyze their data and processes against the latest version of the software.
  • CDL will be able to test the consortial functionality that has resulted from a first round of joint development with Ex Libris — functionality that is required to meet UC’s needs.
  • CDL will be able to experiment with data loading, and test other specific concerns.

The systemwide EMRS Implementation team is making progress on overall project guidelines:

  • Identifying policy issues that will arise and creating an overall guidelines document that will begin our best practices documentation,
  • Working on defining a minimal data set that we all agree each campus should strive for,
  • Identifying data elements that require authority, and charting how that authority is currently determined on each campus.  The end goal will be to have agreed-upon systemwide authority guidelines settled on ahead of time, for elements where these are necessary.

CDL is continuing discussion with other consortial institutions who are also implementing Verde 2.0 or plan to implement it.  If, after further investigations with these consortia, and after completing our own testing, we discover no major issues that would prevent us from making use of Verde 2.0, we will proceed on a path to install the Production version.

CDL will be testing early in the year, and we are hopeful that implementation of a production version can proceed mid-year 2007.

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