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BIOSIS Previews on Ovid Retiring

As of 2006, ISI will be the sole source for UC subscriptions to the BIOSIS Previews database.  This database is available at < >.  The overlap period with Ovid for BIOSIS Previews ends on December 30, 2005.  BIOSIS is the most comprehensive database in the Biological Sciences.

Access to BIOSIS via the ISI Web of Knowledge interface offers the following advantages:

  • user friendly interface
  • easy access to cited references and related articles in WoS from BIOSIS
  • access to Web of Knowledge’s analyze feature

Many campuses have already made the switch to ISI as their major source of access.  Please be sure remove all links to the Ovid BIOSIS Previews database and previous documentation.  Adaptable documentation is available at <>.

UC users can use the “Alerts” feature in ISI’s BIOSIS Previews in place of the AutoAlerts which had been available in Ovid’s BIOSIS Previews database.  For instructions on setting up Alerts in the new BIOSIS Previews database, see < >.