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New Resources Available

a. PCIFT Collection 4

By Myrtis Cochran (Resource Liaison), UC Berkeley

Pursuant to advice from the Collection Development Committee and UC bibliographers, the CDL licensed perpetual rights to a new collection of Periodicals Contents Index Full Text (PCIFT), the leading index for periodicals in the humanities and social sciences.  It is scheduled to go live in November with the new Collection 4.

One million articles are drawn from the 14.5 million article citation records in the Periodicals Contents Index with access to more than 300 scholarly journals. Indexed titles date back as far as 1770, complete with links to current full text JSTOR holdings.

Currently, there are three complete collections in PCIFT. PCI Collection 1 and 2 each contains 100 journals with full-page images and index records.  Collection 3 also includes 100 journals with full-page images and index records; 50 of these journals have searchable full text.  When complete, Collection 4 will feature 75 journals, all with searchable full text.

Several UC librarians contributed to the list of journal titles that will be included in Collection 4. See the spreadsheet showing the titles that are currently confirmed for inclusion:

There are 69 titles confirmed. Of these, 36 titles (53 percent) were ranked as either 1 or 2 in preference for the CDL (identified in the next to last column in the spreadsheet).  Titles that appeared in the first release are noted in the final column.  Some of these titles were not ranked because many of them were not on the list at the time of the evaluation, including nine titles from the University of California Press.

Also keep in mind that the publisher of PCIFT is making every effort to include as many of the titles suggested by CDL member libraries as possible, including English and foreign language titles.  The goal is to create a resource that will be used by international consortia as well as consortia in the U.S.

Thank you to those who suggested titles to be considered for Collection 4.  If the titles you suggested are not on the confirmed list or if titles you think are important are not on the list and should be considered for a future release, please email them to and they will be forwarded to Chadwyck-Healey.