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OAC Best Practice Guidelines for EAD, Version 2.0 Released

The OAC Working Group Metadata Standards Subcommittee is pleased to announce the release of the “OAC Best Practice Guidelines for EAD, Version 2.0” at:

These updated guidelines are based on the EAD Version 2002 DTD, the current version of the encoding standard maintained by the Society of American Archivists:

As explained in the OAC “News and Features” pages (, the revised guidelines will go into effect in January 2005 and will supercede the existing Version 1.1 guidelines.  At that time, the OAC will ingest EAD Version 2002 DTD finding aids only.

Until then, OAC contributors may continue to use the existing Version 1.1 guidelines; however, the Version 1.1 guidelines will not be supported after December 2004.  Alternatively, contributors may begin encoding new finding aids now using the updated Version 2.0 guidelines and delay submitting the finding aids to the OAC until after January 2005.

Please relay your comments and feedback on the guidelines to the OAC using the form at: []