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For Easy Access to ED Documents, Use ERIC Via CSA

By Diane Childs (Resource Liaison), UCLA

More than 100,000 ERIC documents published in 2003 or earlier and indexed from January 1993 through July 2004 are now available from ERIC via CSA.  Through UC-eLinks, users can click on the option full text or abstract available from ERIC.  Downloading time has improved considerably.

To obtain ERIC documents when starting with an ED number, perform an Accession Number search in CSA in Advanced mode. To do this, select AN from the pulldown menu and enter the ED number, e.g., AN=ED481645.  From the results display, click on UC-eLinks to obtain the ERIC document.

Users can also find ERIC documents via author and title searching in CSA.  Note: If the document requested via UC-eLinks is not online at ERIC, users will get the message, “The Document you requested is not available in the ERIC Online system” and are offered the options to ask for assistance via email or phone.

As the Resource Liaison for ERIC, I am not recommending use of the ERIC search interface at  It does not have all of the search features needed to search ERIC effectively and it does not have the power we get from using ERIC via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts with UC-eLinks.

The UC system selected EBSCO after UC selector groups conducted an in-depth comparative analysis of several business-specific electronic databases.  The database was endorsed by the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections and approved by the Collection Development Committee to license as an important business resource for UC, with unique titles such as the Harvard Business Review (exclusive on BSP until 2010), California Management Review, and Sloan Management Review.