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Counting California Update: New Content and Advanced Search Page

The Counting California team continues to add new versions of currently available statistics and new titles (see below for a list of recently added content). Census 1980 STF3 files are coming soon.

In addition, Counting California has an improved advanced search page.  The topics pick list is an exciting new feature that provides users with a list of topics from which they can choose.  Users can also search by keyword, table title, subject, agency, and publication title.

New Content

  1. California Vital Statistics: Newer versions of the California Department of Health Services vital statistics are now available:
    • Deaths by age, county, and selected city health departments, 1998-2002
    • Deaths by race, county, and selected city health departments, 1998-2002
    • Deaths by year of death and by county, 1998-2002
    • Live births in California counties, 1990-2002
    • Number and percent of live births to teen mothers in California counties, 1990-2002
  2. County and City Data Book (1944-1977): This new resource provides diverse information ranging from local government activities to population estimates.  Some of the areas covered include: business and industry; crime, law enforcement, and criminal justice; education; elections; income, poverty, and the cost of living; transportation; and work, labor, and employment.  A special thank you to the UC Berkeley DATA team of Fred Gey and Ilona Einowski for their hard work in making this resource available.
  3. California Statistical Abstract (2003): This annual compilation of detailed social, economic, and government statistics for California covers topics such as land and water, acreage of national and state parks, the California state economy, crime, education, and more. With the inclusion of the 2003 edition, there are now five consecutive years of the California Statistical Abstract, which users can search or browse simultaneously.