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Current Contents to be Cancelled

This is a reminder that Current Contents via Ovid will be cancelled as of January 1, 2005.

The CDL will send a series of three reminders to UC patrons who currently have CC Alerts on October, November, and December 1. We will also send the campus list to the campus Users Council members so that campus library representatives can contact their CC Alerts holders, if desired.

From this point forward, it’s highly desirable to steer users to create new Alerts in Web of Science, while discouraging them from creating Alerts in Ovid’s Current Contents database.

Some campuses, such as UCLA, have already begun posting notices that Current Contents via Ovid will be cancelled.  From select “Search article database titles” for “Current Contents” and hit “Enter” or “Go”.  You will see a notice that says, “To be cancelled January, 2005.  Read why.”

There is also information on an interim page for users entering Current Contents via the CDL Directory:

Information on setting up Alerts in Web of Science:

More information on the Ovid Current Contents cancellation: