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OAC 3.0: Migrating to EAD Version 2002 and a New Platform (XTF)

The OAC is upgrading to OAC 3.0 with the migration to a new platform and support for EAD Version 2002 finding aids.  The migration is scheduled to be completed in January 2005.

An updated suite of tools, services, and best practice guidelines will support EAD Version 2002.  For a list of these tools, see the EAD Toolkit at:

The release of these tools has been timed with the implementation of the new eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) platform, which will replace the current DLXS platform. Developed and maintained by the CDL using open source software, the XTF platform underlying OAC 3.0 provides even greater long-term functionality and flexibility for the search and delivery of a wide range of document types, including EAD finding aids and TEI texts.

OAC 3.0 will allow for a number of enhancements, including:

  • Search, browse, and delivery of EAD Version 2002 finding aids.
  • Modified and revised OAC style sheets for EAD finding aids, incorporating feedback received from OAC contributing institutions.
  • Ability for contributing members to develop customized displays of their EAD finding aids and associated digital content submitted to the OAC, using the CDL Interface Customization Tools at  This includes the creation of customized portals to virtual collections, such as MOAC, California Heritage, and JARDA.

The OAC will be providing periodic updates via the OAC-L listserv and the CDLINFO newsletter.  For additional information, including a detailed migration timeline, see