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New CDL Glossary

If you’ve been mystified by the term “dark archive,” or if you’ve always wanted to know the difference between OAI and OAIS but didn’t know where to turn, the new CDL glossary is for you!

The glossary is on Inside CDL in the Digital Library Building Blocks section at:

You can search, browse a list of all terms, or view subject glossaries for: CDL and UC terms, crawling and harvesting, digital objects, interface customization tools, library and technology, linking services, metasearching, preservation, and XML.

The glossary was inspired by comments from the digital library services workshops.  While the glossary is growing, at this point it contains terms drawn from the workshops and is not exhaustive when it comes to CDL or UC libraries acronyms and advisory structures.

Please feel free to use the glossary as a resource for your web pages.  You can link to the entire glossary or a specific word.  To link to a specific word, use this format: <a href=””> but replace TERM with the glossary term you want to link to.  If the glossary term you want to link to is two or more words, use this format but separate the words with a plus (+) symbol.


  • To link to the term “portal”: <a href=””>
  • To link to the term “dark archive”: <a href=””>

Sometimes your link will include entries for other similar words.  If you don’t mind these additional words in your link, then you don’t have to do anything.  But if you still just want to link to one entry, then your URL will get a little longer.  After you enter your term, you’ll then need to add a series of “+not+TERM” entries to exclude the other terms.


  • This link to the term “OAI” would give you a page that lists both OAI and OAI-PMH: <a href=””>
  • If you wanted to only see the term “OAI” and exclude “OAI-PMH,” your link would look like this: <a href=””>

Questions? Contact Jennifer Colvin at